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Tips for cool Tricks for your dog!

“Shake hands” is probably one of our favorite tricks! It’s always so cute to see a dog do this!  Our advice is to use our Little Stars Training Treats because they’re only the size of half of a finger nail – so your pup doesn’t really know its coming.  This allows for your dog to maintain eye contact and focus on you rather than on the treat in hand!

Start by having your dog sit then say, “Shake hands.” Then take his paw with your hand, hold his paw and say, “Good dog!” Let go of his paw, give him a little stars training treat.  Remember to do this a few times every day.  When you think you’ve practiced enough, say “Shake Hands” but don’t take his paw – see if your dog will raise it by their self.  If they don’t, it’s ok because they’re still learning.  Be sure to keep showing your dog what to do!

Here’s a youtube video on how to teach your dog to shake hands – we won’t lie, we picked it because the narrator has an British accent and the dog is just so gosh darn cute!


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