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A Day At the Waterhouse

Wet Noses is a very team oriented work place.  We are so busy in the warehouse baking, and packing that if one person comes in with an issue, this effects the team tremendously.  Creating an even stronger team is what we strive for  The President of the company decided to let us have a day off and go to the Waterhouse Center in Snohomish to participate in the ropes course!

Ropes courses have the power to change the way someone feels about themselves, and they can change the power of an organization by team building.  ~Waterhouse Center

There were some employees that were not even expecting they would go up the ladder for the High Course.  We were blown away when we watched them make their way up the ladder to the deck of the High Course as they conquered their fear.  Defeating their ‘Dragon’.

All of the obstacles on the ropes course were difficult and required you to go out of your comfort zone.  Throughout the day, everyone was helping eachother out by encouraging them they can do it.  Even those who were down on the ground awaiting their turns were helping out by making sure the proper safety clips were attached, letting their partners know where ropes were located, and how far someone had to stretch to reach another plank.

 There were times when you really had to think out of the box to figure out where to put your feet to get across!  This is something that we can all bring back to the warehouse with us if there is a time when thinking outside the box needs to come into play :).

Everyone had a great time at the ropes course.  We all surprised ourselves of what we actually did, and we were all so proud!  The experiences we encountered are most definitely something that we can all use.  Not only at work, but in everyday life too!