Spoil Your Furry Friends!

02 May

If you are like me…and most pet owners, you’re a sucker for those 4 legged wet nosed creatures.  We scratch them behind their ears, let them sleep on the bed (not that we want them to), clean up muddy paws, and enjoy sloppy kisses.  Why not spoil them even more!  Here are a few simple things you can do that your dog will love you for even more …

Go for a walk. Getting outside and sniffing new places is always fun and exciting to a dog. Do you and your dog already go on regular walks? Try taking a new route to spice up your routine. If your dog socializes well with other dogs, maybe a trip to a dog park is in order.

Go for a drive. Most dogs enjoy taking a quick trip and seeing what is beyond the backyard. Be sure your car ride is safe with a doggy seatbelt, booster seat, or pet barrier.

Make time for playtime. Dogs love routines. Pick a time of day that works for your schedule and start the fun. Both you and your dog will have something to look forward to every day and it may help keep you both in good shape. Keep things interesting by rotating toys—that way they’ll be new and exciting the next time you bring them out.

Help keep your dog looking good. There is nothing like a sweet-smelling dog with a shiny coat. Don’t have time for a bath? Use a waterless shampoo in between baths and make time for a relaxing grooming session with a multi-purpose brush.

Treats, treats, and more treats. Every dog loves getting a special treat. Encourage and reward good behavior with a tasty snack or by using a treat dispensing toy.

Check out Wet Noses Organic Dog Treats new bakery line, Dogg Candy!  These tasty treats are a GREAT way to spoil those pooches.  Along with being very appealing to the eye (and nose), these specialty treats are also healthy!  They are made with wholesome organic ingredients and do not contain any corn, wheat, soy, salt, or sugar!

Celebrating a special someone’s birthday?  Our dog birthday cake packages are a perfect idea!

How about a tasty cupcake!  For your dog silly….

Nothing sounds better than a delicious brownie baked to perfection….

Even bite size brownies….

Squash is great for your dog’s digestive  system, that’s why your dogs will thank you when you give them a Butternut Squash Swirl!

These Black & White cookies are not only eye-catching, they are filled with flavor!

The Peanut Butter Bark is a great holiday gift item, or a yummy anytime snack. This bark is easy to snap into smaller pieces for smaller dogs and smells really great, even to our human noses. Give it a try today!

Pumpkin is another beneficial ingredient to dogs being great for sensitive stomachs! This soft and chewy treat has a rich taste of pumpkin that dogs can’t wait to devour!

All dogs deserve to be spoiled, so why not spoil them with a healthy treat!  There are so many different treats out there that are made outside of the country.  It is very important to know where the ingredients that your dogs are eating come from.  At Wet Noses, we stand behind all of our products and believe that dogs will live a much longer and healthier life with natural ingredients in their diet.  We use organic, human grade ingredients that are all sourced here locally in the USA.  Check out our website to view all of our tasty snacks worth barking for!  Remember, a healthy dog is a happy dog.  Make your dog happy from the inside out!


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